Scryer application

So you think you're 1337 enough for Death & Destruction? Apply here.
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Scryer application

Postby Scryer » Sat Oct 26, 2013 6:17 pm

Name: Scryer

Class and Level:Death Knight 90

Current Specs: 528 Unholy / Frost

Are you willing to respec for raids? Yes

Achievements: 6240

Professions: Blacksmithing 600 / Skinning 600

Rare Profession Abilities: Trillium shit, other crap that takes a month to make.

Do you have Ventrilo? Yes

Do you have a working non-staticky headset/microphone and are able to maturely converse in vent? no

Gameplay Schedule: In the Army, so schedule is jumpy. Usually off by 5pm


Tuesday: Whenever I'm released.
Wednesday: Whenever I'm released.
Thursday: Whenever I'm released.

Previous Guilds: Swords of Heaven, Sons of Blackhand.

Raiding Experience

Classic WoW:none

Burning Crusade: none

Wrath of the Lich King: little

Cataclysm: little

Current Gear: legendary cloak, raidfinder shit from SoO

RL Name: Jeremy

Age: 22

Location: seattle, WA

When did you start playing WoW? 5 years ago

Days played on this character? 59 days

Alts: Phinehas 90 hunter / Riggsy 90 paladin / Enkindler 87 shaman

What kind of computer do you play on? HP, it gets me by

How do you connect to Internet? directly, non wireless

Guild References: Don't know of anyone

Comments: looking for an active guild that pvps and raids.

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Re: Scryer application

Postby kaidaj » Tue Oct 29, 2013 9:18 pm

someone from WA!!!!!

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