Somadelnocha - Assassination Rogue

So you think you're 1337 enough for Death & Destruction? Apply here.
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Somadelnocha - Assassination Rogue

Postby Somadelnocha85 » Wed Dec 17, 2014 2:45 pm

Application for Guild Membership

Name: Somadelnocha

Class and Level: 100 Rogue

Current Specs: Assassination for life.

Are you willing to respec for raids? Yes, as need be.

Achievements: 8210

Professions: 664 Enchanting / 675 Jewelcrafting

Rare Profession Abilities: Most of the very old ones, presently have 3 of the weapon enchants, and some greater JCing gems.

Do you have Ventrilo? Yes

Do you have a working non-staticky headset/microphone and are able to maturely converse in vent? Yes

Gameplay Schedule: We usually raid Monday through Thursday from 9:00 to Midnight. List when you are typically online or available to play. Please be very specific and accurate.


Tuesday: Any time
Wednesday: Any time
Thursday: Any time

Previous Guilds: Kings of Destruction; logged on and was randomly gkicked while offline. Must've been my inability to make raids my #1 priority, as I am a student and trying to maintain a relationship before I give a shit what a WoW guild thinks of me.

Raiding Experience

Classic WoW: MC, BWL

Burning Crusade: Through TK, but not Sunwell/BT

Wrath of the Lich King: Full clear

Cataclysm: Full clear

Current Gear: ... adelnocha/

RL Name: Cody

Age: 29

Location: Milwaukee, WI

When did you start playing WoW? Beta, 2003

Days played on this character? 166 days, 17 hrs, 7 mins, 42 sec last /played.

Alts: None of note, don't really level alts.

What kind of computer do you play on? A desktop, one built by my brother. I can get you specs if necessary.

How do you connect to Internet? Through my WiFi, through Time-Warner Cable (bastards)

Guild References: Nevrgoindown, my RL brother. Whaevoz remembers me from the OLD days, if that's relevant =P

Comments: Already in the guild, wanted to formally apply to have it on file.

By submitting this application I hereby affirm that information provided herein is true, that I have read and understand the Guild Guidelines / Recruitment Policies, and that I agree to abide by all Guild Rules, Policies, and Regulations.

I agree to these terms.

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