Asteroid Application

So you think you're 1337 enough for Death & Destruction? Apply here.
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Asteroid Application

Postby asteroid » Mon Dec 28, 2015 1:22 am

Name: Asteroid

Class and Level: Warrior, level 100

Current Specs: Arms/Fury, 692/692

Are you willing to respec for raids?

Achievements: List current number of Achievement points.
6870, notable acheivments are two AOTC for highmaul and BRF this Xpac

Professions: List professions and their current levels.

Rare Profession Abilities: List rare Recipes, Plans, Schematics, Formulas, or Formulas.

Do you have Ventrilo?

Do you have a working non-staticky headset/microphone and are able to maturely converse in vent?

Gameplay Schedule: We usually raid Monday through Thursday from 9:00 to Midnight. List when you are typically online or available to play. Please be very specific and accurate.


Tuesday: After 6pm until 1-2am
Wednesday: After 8pm until 1-2am
Thursday: After 6pm until 1-2am
Usually I have decent amounts of free time when attending college. Though I wont miss a raid i might not be on 24/7

Previous Guilds: List all previous relevant guilds and WHY you left. Please be specific.
Haven't been able to find a guild that fulfilled my needs, always was either too much drama or not enough emphasis on progressing through content when the players and the gear was there.

Raiding Experience

Classic WoW: ZERO

Burning Crusade: ZERO

Wrath of the Lich King: ICC 10 man normal, nearly full clear. I played a protection paladin

Cataclysm: ZERO

Mists of Pandaria: ZERO

Current Gear: List the items you currently have equipped or provide a link to The Armory. ... oid/simple

RL Name:

Age: (under 18 need not apply)

live in minnesota during the holidays and summer but attend college at NDSU in fargo

When did you start playing WoW?
WOTLK when my cousin got me a subscription. Didn't take it very seriously until I heard about WOD and got a new subscription.

Days played on this character?
23 days (boosted to 90 when WOD came out)

Alts: List ALL of your alts.
Rogerbrown-lvl 100 hunter
Bruegger-81 paladin
Obamanesha-7 shaman
Candy- 42 priest
thot- 22 hunter
sharkesha- 1 rogue
donkeyshlong- 1 druid
ernesto- 1 warlock

What kind of computer do you play on?
I built my computer in 11th grade (2 years ago) and I run an AMD 6 core at 3.5ghz and a nvidia 660 w/ 16gb ram and 2tb hard drive

How do you connect to Internet?
ethernet cable

Guild References: List any members of Death and Destruction that are willing to vouch for you.
Gentlemen was the person online when i /who to ask about the guild

Comments: List any additional information you think may be of use to us in evaluating your application, such as why you want to become part of Death and Destruction
I recently transfered back to this server so i could play with my cousin. I have always been interested in raiding and I would like to start a long term relationship with a raiding guild so i can progress through mid-high tier content without the super hard core atmosphere or the family setting were progress was completely secondary and no one cared about downing bosses. I was interested in DND for a few reasons, the fact that this guild has cleared heroic and has started mythic content, aswell as the fact that the guild seems to have a solid base of players.

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