So you think you're 1337 enough for Death & Destruction? Apply here.
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Postby honor » Sun Jan 31, 2016 12:22 am

Application for Guild Membership

Name: Honor

Class and Level: Paladin, 100

Current Specs: RET/HOLY 711pve-738pvp

Are you willing to respec for raids? Yes

Achievements: 8785

Professions: Enchanting 710-minning 700

Rare Profession Abilities: Not sure.

Do you have Ventrilo? Yes

Do you have a working non-staticky headset/microphone and are able to maturely converse in vent? Yes

Gameplay Schedule: We usually raid Monday through Thursday from 9:00 to Midnight. List when you are typically online or available to play. Please be very specific and accurate.


Tuesday: 8pm-*
Wednesday: 8pm-*
Thursday: 8pm*

Previous Guilds: Most of my other toons are in this guild. they don't mind anything I do. they don't raid nor pvp as a group.

Raiding Experience
Classic WoW:n/a was still lvling when bc came out.

Burning Crusade: kara/Za/grul..umm

Wrath of the Lich King: 10man uldar hardmodes...all of them argent, some lk (didn't play much after hardmodes were downed)


Current Gear: ... b2r/simple

RL Name:Kaleb

Age: 23

Location: Maine

When did you start playing WoW? When I was 13.

Days played on this character?119 days

Alts: helo warrior 100, nomurface hunter 100, yostop shaman 100, nickelzs priest 100, monster rogue 100, triviumz mage 100, nicklezs warlock 100. many...many more those are just maxed out.

What kind of computer do you play on? Laptop, hp, 6 gigs it's an oldie but a goodie. plan on upgraded when this dies out.

How do you connect to Internet? wifi/plug-in if I need too.

Guild References: Hopefully the people I just did RBGS with.

Comments: Good people, good players. I'm down for a guild that has members like that.

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Re: Application

Postby Goregul » Tue Feb 02, 2016 1:22 pm

Hey Kaleb!

Thanks for your application! Just looking at your experience I am curious about what separates yourself from others? What do you have to bring to the table that is extra?

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Re: Application

Postby Whaevoz » Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:14 pm

Please contact Whaevoz-Skullcrusher in game.

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