Guild Guidelines /Recruitment Policies

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Guild Guidelines /Recruitment Policies

Postby Whaevoz » Thu Mar 22, 2007 12:04 pm

:!: Guild Guidelines

Death & Destruction's primary goal is to ensure all its members enjoy playing World of Warcraft in a friendly, helpful, and respectful environment. In other words, we play for fun. We define "fun," however, as exploring and overcoming the challenges of the game. Toward that end, the function of the guild is to equip and prepare our members to accomplish our primary goal: successful endgame instance raiding.

Gear and loot from guild runs are distributed according to clear rules that are outlined in our GCP (Guild Contribution Points) / Loot Distribution System. Raid Rules and policies are outlined in the Guild Raid Rules. All members are required to abide by these rules.

:idea: Recruitment Policies

1. Current minimum requirements for membership are a well-geared, experienced level 90 main character on Skullcrusher. Exceptions will only be made for players who show exceptional promise. Guild policy does not allow alts in other guilds, so alts are permitted to join once your main is admitted.

2. All recruits must pass through an initial trial period (typically lasting approximately 30 days) during which they must show their interest in working for the betterment and advancement of Death & Destruction. Our guild is not a training ground nor a free ride to epic loot. However, once you earn and maintain your place in the guild, you will not be replaced or removed without just cause.

3. During the trial period, a Recruit may earn GCP (Guild Contribution Points) and can spend them according to guild rules. No member should contest guild rules during a raid.

4. NO guild member is guaranteed a spot in ANY raid, EVER. Raid invites are solely up to the Raid Leader's discretion. All Members acknowledge that deciding who stays and who goes is a tough decision for the Raid Leader and Officers to make, and no member should take these decisions personally. Complaining about raid invites is immature, severely frowned upon, and will generally result in being removed from future raid invitations, if not the guild itself.

5. Although 100% raid attendance is not mandatory, guild members must be available online and in-game for a reasonable number of hours each week to join raid instances during raid hours. Standard raid hours are 9:00 PM to Midnight EST, Tues, Wed, Thu, and Mon. Failure to be available sufficiently or consistently may result in ejection from the guild. No offence, but we are a fully functioning, extremely committed guild, and there are many players who are willing and able to be there as needed for the guild.

6. Every member of Death & Destruction must understand that the guild comes first. Members are expected to work towards our common goals including, but not limited to, helping other members farm needed gear, the crafting or enchanting of items, and the gathering or farming of needed mats and reagents.

7. Members must be willing and able to use Ventrilo with a fully functionally non-staticky headset/microphone, and must be available on our Vent server during all raids. Members must also have downloaded, installed, and be well-versed with the required raid mods applicable to your class as outlined in the Raid Info section of our Web site. Members must also be able to speak and understand English.

8. If you have a slow or unstable Internet connection or a craptastic computer, you need not apply; neither are tolerated.

9. We are not an overly strict guild, but we do have a very low tolerance for bullshit. Join us only if you are serious about playing, laughing, and winning.

:arrow: Please keep in mind we may not be recruiting your particular class at the time of your application. Rest assured, however, that properly applying on our forums is the best way to get our attention for a trial membership.

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