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Postby Doodlt » Mon Feb 16, 2009 8:06 pm

Hey all,
Well the other night. I wanted to explain, I am sorry you know. I just had alotta shit going on. And was in a slump i suppose.
But the real reason why i wanted to make a post here was to thank everyone who ever helped me in the guild. Everyone was nice to me and knew their shit besides a few people. But i waned to apologize i was acting foolish. And the main reason i posted this here, Was b/c i wanted you all to see it. Just so yall didnt think oh he came and got gear left. Not the case one damn bit. If i could come back i would no doubt about that. This was just a thank you letter. To all the people i thought needed a well deserved thanks. Including you boss man whaevoz.


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