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saying hi

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 4:05 pm
by Rustic
just wanted to say sup to DnD, putting in an app here cause a friend of mine in RAGE guild said id fit in here, i started on mugthol server and after i hit 80 and was basically stuck in a non progression guild doin only heroics puggin naxx10 my gear came to a stand still and my want to play wow started falling but found out i had some friends on skullcrusher so i decide to pay the 55$ to transfer and race change first day in server started looking for a guild that was planning on moving forward and was whispered by leader of catastrophic so i joined them and im basically at the same spot as i was in b4 toc10 just isnt working for me im looking for a guild that plays to progress. if i was a lil better geared i could prolly get into RAGE with my friends but i havent even tried cause im sure they dont need any tanks. but like i said they pointed me in your direction so if u need a pally tank/heals or dps let me know if dps ill have to jus run heros for a week to get a set of triumph gear but im willing to go any spec needed, i wont b on the next 2 days but like i said in my app im usually on between 5pm and midnight EST time everyday, if not on my main Rusticpally usually on my leet healer in the making KuntaKintay :D