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hello DnD

Postby Vicious » Sat Feb 20, 2010 3:26 am

hello guild members of DnD, i just wanted to personally introduce myself to the guild or atleast the ones that acually read the forum. My mains name in Wow is Vïcïous, an epic arcane mage 5249gs. i also have a 80 doomkin/resto druid im gearing up for raids. i'd love to join ur guild, so far from reading the website and the lovely pics that come along with a short story, "i love what i see". several of my former guildies from "punch drunk" have joined ur guild after we disbanded so i know its an awesome guild and excellent choice of taste. if any of u ever do a guild run and need a few pugs, or rather a nice mage dont be afraid to invite me if i send u a message. it would really help me show the guild officers my qualifications and what im made of. i also understand that raid leaders have to make the best desicions to help the progress of the raid so if u dont i wont b made, but im worth it. if u see me in the game and remember this post dont b a stranger. TYVM!!!

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