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About Death & Destruction

Postby Whaevoz » Thu Mar 22, 2007 12:07 pm

:!: Death & Destruction

:idea: Introduction

A close-knit group of family and friends founded Death & Destruction on December 27, 2004 as a Horde faction guild on the Skullcrusher server (PvP). The prime directive of D&D is to explore, meet and beat the challenges of World of Warcraft while promoting and protecting the enjoyment of the game for all of our guild members. Toward this end, we expect all our guild members to be thoughtful, respectful, generous, mature, supportive, dedicated, skilled, helpful, and loyal. D&D has a policy of zero-tolerance towards any kind of dishonesty or lack of ethics, as well as any kind of offensive behavior, including, but not limited to, racist or bigoted comments.

:idea: Guild Structure And Ranks

All who join Death & Destruction enter with the rank of Peon. At this rank, you are being evaluated based on, not only how well you play, but also for whether you exhibit desirable character traits and how well you fit in socially. As a Peon, you are eligible to participate in raids and will earn GCP (Guild Contribution Points) for your participation. You also will be able to bid on loot (rare and epic), but only if no other eligible higher ranked member of the raid party needs them (which frequently occurs, especially on non-heroic items). It is the responsibility of all Peons to look to group with and help other guild members in order to facilitate the evaluation process.

Once promoted to Grunt, you not only enjoy preferential selection for raids, but also for loot as well. The average time to be promoted to Grunt is 30 days, but it is the level of contribution that determines whether it will take more time or less.

Raiders are members who have proven themselves over time to be exceptionally skilled, helpful, and loyal. Raiders are consistent raiders (duh!) who enjoy preferential selection over Grunts and Peons as their experience (and usually gear and stats as well) ensure the success of our raids.

The primary responsibilities of the Class Leaders are the recruitment, training, and development (including gear, specs, stats, etc.) of all members of their specific class. Class Leaders advise the Officers as to recruitment needs, candidate selection, and member promotions. They also advise raid leaders as to the best candidates for raid participation.

The Officers of Death & Destruction are responsible for the strategic management of the guild and have the final say in any disputes or matters that affect the guild or its membership. The Guild Officers vote on all crucial decisions not governed by a pre-existing rule or for which a clear precedent has not been established. The Guild Master co-ordinates the efforts of the Guild Officers, and although his vote carries as much weight as that of any other officer, he retains the right to veto any decision.

:idea: Recruitment Policies

If you are interested in joining Death & Destruction, we ask that you pay close attention to the application process. You must post an application in Recruitment thread using the provided application template. Applications that do not use the template or are incomplete will not be considered. As our guild needs change and evolve so do our requirements for membership. Class Leaders and Officers may ask additional questions either on our forums or in game in order to better assess a candidate.

For more information, please see Guild Guidelines / Recruitment Policies

:idea: Summary

The most important thing to understand about Death & Destruction is that we play for fun. Although that is what pretty much every guild states, what it boils down to is how you define "fun." We define "fun" as playing with people with whom we truly enjoy playing. Needless to say, however, we have more fun when we overcome ever-greater challenges in the game, take down new bosses, and receive the well-deserved phat loot rewards. We are acutely aware that in order to accomplish this, we need the help and co-operation of like-minded individuals. Therefore, if you believe that having fun, making friends, improving your gameplay while receiving the appropriate rewards for doing so in a helpful, friendly, stable, and mature environment is what World of Warcraft is really all about, then Death & Destruction might be the guild for you!


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